What to do with stuttering?

Am I a stutterer if I get stuck when I speak, Is it normal to repeat syllables sometimes, Am I a stutterer if when I get nervous I find it difficult to speak fluently…?

Stuttering, also called dysphemia, is the difficulty or inability to maintain the fluency of speech. It can be more or less accentuated depending on the context, that is to say, the speech will have more or less disfluencies depending on who we talk to.

There are many questions that arise regarding stuttering, since there are people who experience at some point in their lives episodes of stress that cause speech to be affected. This tells us that even if our speech is not fluent at certain times in our lives, it does not mean that we have to label ourselves as stuttering.

On the other hand, there are people who do have a severe speech fluency difficulty that manifests itself regardless of the context. Then yes, perhaps it would be possible to speak of stuttering.

Treatments for stuttering

Regarding the treatment, we can talk about several concepts that favor notably the control over speech and its fluency, and on which we will focus our therapy. They are the following:

– Muscle relaxation
– Correction of posture
– Breathing correction
– Diaphragm activation
– Work on the rhythm and pauses of speech.

Having said this, we can add that, although the manifestations are physical, there is an implication of the psychological that seems quite obvious, since as a general rule it is according to the context that we experience more or less disfluencies. That is to say, depending on where we are and/or who we are with, we will experience more or less disfluencies. So if we think that the disfluencies have a psychological component, only treating the corporal manifestations of this one is possible that the treatment is not complete. The treatment must also go beyond the physical manifestations of the disfluencies, since these are usually covered by thoughts and emotions.

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