Atypical swallowing in children: What it is and how it’s treated?

Swallowing is the process of moving food from the mouth to the stomach. Atypical swallowing is when this process is performed abnormally or deviated, which can lead to health problems such as difficulty eating, sore throat, and respiratory infections.

Atypical swallowing is a common condition in children, especially those with dental malocclusion or other oral problems. Signs of atypical swallowing in children may include mouth breathing, tongue between teeth, digital sucking, and difficulty chewing.

Speech therapists are health professionals who can help treat atypical swallowing in children. Treatment may include oral exercises, language therapy, and orthodontic therapy.

If you think your child may have atypical swallowing, talk to a speech therapist or dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Untreated atypical swallowing can lead to more serious problems in your child’s oral and overall health.

We hope this article has helped you better understand atypical swallowing in children and the importance of treating it properly to avoid long-term health problems.

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