Speech therapy in Barcelona

Hello! I’m Borja Tormos

I want to be your trusted professional speech therapist in Barcelona.

Throughout my career I have successfully treated patients with a wide variety of speech, language and communication disorders.

My unique and highly effective approach consists of bringing together speech therapy and psychology, applying the psychoanalytic approach in all our treatments. This allows us to have a deeper perspective in understanding the different communication difficulties, identifying possible psychoemotional discomforts that may affect the overall development of our patients.

Thanks to our knowledge of the interaction between the mind and the body, at Logopeda Barcelona we provide highly personalized and effective treatments to our patients, so that they can reach their maximum potential at a communicative level.

Who we help

Speech therapy for kids

Our child speech therapist offers a completely customized treatment for each child. In order to improve their skills and encourage the maximum possible development.

Speech therapy for adults

We offer customized speech therapy treatments for adults. We help our patients overcome speech and communication problems, language disorders and much more.

Why trust us

Specialists in language disorders

In our center in Barcelona we have expert speech therapists in all areas of speech therapy. We also offer online and home sessions.

Tailor-made service from the very first moment

For us, each person is unique. Therefore, our treatments are completely tailored to your specific needs and problems.

Constant follow-up

At Logopeda Barcelona we provide all our patients with constant maintenance over time, to ensure that you can achieve all the defined goals.


What is speech therapy and what is it for?

Speech therapy is a professional discipline in continuous development, which delves into the research, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders and pathologies related to human communication. Language, speech, voice and hearing, as well as other oral functions such as swallowing.

What is a speech therapist?

A speech therapist is a professional in charge of diagnosing, treating and preventing alterations and disorders related to communication, speech, voice and hearing. A good speech therapist studies and approaches each patient in a personalized way, in order to carry out the treatment that provides the best results.

When should I see a speech therapist?

Speech therapy deals with the detection, revision and re-education of communication disorders and oral/written language. So it is common to go to the speech therapist in the earliest stages of age, usually from the age of 3 years. In the case of children, the earlier the speech therapy treatment is started, the more possibility we have to treat language problems and disorders.

How are the sessions at Logopeda Barcelona?

At Logopeda Barcelona we know that each person is different, so we offer a specific treatment for each speech and language need.

What are the advantages of a speech therapist?

We recommend speech therapies for all those people, whether they are children or adults, who find themselves with speech difficulties and problems affecting their communication with others, the development of skills related to reading and writing…etc.

Our speech therapy sessions can help children and adults of all ages and abilities.